Our History


1984: Dr. David Coffin leads the Berea Study Center in Bowie, Maryland (from a house in the neighborhood behind RPCB’s building), where he was instructing in classes in Reformed theology, Presbyterian polity, and the Bible. Many local families who were worshipping at Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church and living in Bowie were involved.
1985: Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie particularizes and calls Rev. Michael L. Coleman (with his wife Barbara) to be the pastor.
1998: After some years of meeting in various schools and other temporary locations, RPCB moves into their building at 2807 Church Road in Bowie.
2007: After Stephen “Fix” and Rachel Fix intern over the summer of 2006, RPCB calls him as their assistant pastor, and he is ordained in December 2007.
2017: In 2014, Pastor Fix gets voted into the role of associate pastor by a unanimous vote of the congregation, and then switches roles with Pastor Coleman to be senior pastor.
2022: After Pastor Coleman retires to pastor emeritus status, Chris Calvi is called as RPCB’s new assistant pastor.